Step by Step Sass Course

Course Description

Sass is a CSS meta-language that saves time, and allows you to write better quality code. In┬áStep by Step Sass, you’ll learn how to use this powerful pre-processor in easy 5-10 minute steps.

Coding your CSS with Sass saves you time and allows you to write neater, more consistent code. The time you’ll spend completing this course will be easily made up on your next web project!

This course will take you through the process of converting an existing mini web site to use Sass so you can learn how Sass works. When you complete the course you will understand the main commands you need to use it in your own code and you will be able to write your CSS faster.

The course includes:

  • 75 minutes of video with 12 lessons
    1. Introduction (video shown above)
    2. Installing Sass
    3. Course Project
    4. Converting a Project into a Sass Project
    5. Sass Variables
    6. Sass Comments
    7. Nesting
    8. Extend
    9. Mixins
    10. Parent Selector
    11. Import
    12. Next Steps
  • Starting code to follow along and work with
  • Transcripts of all videos
  • Help from me if you have any questions

Course Notes

The videos were filmed in HD at 1280×720. They include a lot of code, so the videos will need to be watched on a screen larger than a smartphone to be able to see what I am doing. The sample video from YouTube above may need to be switched to HD if it doesn’t look clear to you.

This course was filmed in the summer of 2013. Sass has a new version since then (and a new website) but the content of this course is still accurate and will work with the new version of Sass.

This is the same course that is available on, which is a monthly membership website. If you are interested in some of their other topics, that may be a more economical way to view the course. I am selling it here for people who just want the Sass course.

Price: $15.00