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Step by Step Sass

I just published a new class on learning Sass called Step by Step Sass.

This class can be be found on two websites: Learnable or Udemy.

With Learnable you are purchasing monthly access to all their courses and books. With Udemy you are just purchasing the one course, but you have lifetime access to the course.

I am giving a 75% discount to readers of CSS-Snippets to the Udemy version of the course.

The course is 75 minutes of video taking you through the process of installing Sass, and converting an existing project to use Sass. I created the course for people who know CSS already, but need some encouragement to try a pre-processor. Using a pre-processor makes writing your CSS easier and more fun. I’m pleased with how the course turned out and I hope it will encourage people to try Sass.

Photoshop Course


I have no new CSS Snippets to post (well, actually I do, but just don’t have time right now because I’m knee deep in creating a web app using Backbone and Marionette).

I do want to share this article which mentions my Foundations of Photoshop course on

Anyone who reads this blog can use this link to get a 60% discount on the course.

Use this link to register: 60% off

Stay tuned, because I have Sass Course coming shortly, and I will post an extreme discount here as well.