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The Next Step with Sass and Compass (Intermediate Sass Course)

I have a new Sass course that will be published soon. It covers Sass and Compass and shows you how to use some of the programming techniques that are available to you with Sass.

The course includes about 2.5 hours of video content. This is one of the lessons where I explain how Sass Lists work. I use the Sassmeister website in this video, which is a great place to play with Sass code and see immediately the CSS that is produces.

If you would like to follow along with the video, you can use this link: Lesson Gist

New Responsive Theme

This is way later than it should be, but I have finally changed this blog over to a Responsive theme. I basically used Word Press’ 2013 theme and changed it to use my styles.

I actually hate using a default theme and would much rather create one from scratch. But since I’ve been meaning to do that for about 18 months now and it still hasn’t happened, I finally accepted the help from using a starter theme. The most important thing is that I can now post responsive videos and that allows me to embed my YouTube videos in HD quality.

There are still things that need to be fixed, but I’m trying to not wait for perfection, again because it might never get done.

I’ve also added a link to my Twitter feed, which up until recently has been inactive. I plan on using it to post when I have new CSS videos, and also when I have new Photoshop videos. My Photoshop videos currently don’t have a home other than YouTube, so the only way to find out about them will be through Twitter or YouTube.