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Quick Coding with Brackets Tutorials

Quick Coding with Brackets is a course on how to get the most out of the code editor Brackets. I created a 10 minute video on Brackets already for Learnable that highlights why I love this code editor. If you aren’t familiar with Brackets you might want to watch that first to see if the editor looks interesting to you.

Each lesson is a short tutorial that covers a specific topic about Brackets. I have tried to keep the videos as short as possible because I know your time is valuable. Most videos are under 7 minutes long. You can pick and choose what areas you want to learn more about.

This course is designed first for beginners who haven’t yet learned all the tips and tricks for being more efficient with editing code. But it is also for advanced coders who are new to Brackets and want to quickly figure out how to do certain tasks.

Course Contents

Part 1 – Brackets Installation and How to Use
Part 2 – Editing Code
Part 3 – Quick Edit
Part 4 – Live Preview Highlight
Part 5 – More Editing Code
Part 6 – JavaScript, Customization and Troubleshooting Brackets

I’ll be creating some additional videos when new features are released and I will be reviewing more Extensions in the future, so stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Brackets Course

  1. Really appreciate your time and effort Lisa on such a great course here. I am new to the programming industry and learning to be proficient also means learning to be “efficient” and this course really helped cement some great shortcuts for Brackets. Your teaching is clear and concise and very personable. Great job! Thanks again.


  2. i see brackets has superb extensions one is html designer extension but , where are manuals , how can i put div elemens blocks , where , how , its easy to use finished templates but what if i have to make my design do my way …interesting is there are no guides …thank you … i have learned a lot from you …bye

  3. Thank You Lisa for a great course. Your explanations are clear and succinct. I hope you continue creating great courses like these. Great work!

  4. Awesome course. I am sold on Brackets as a primary or secondary editor now. Thank you for the free education.

  5. Thanks for the effort of putting this together for us. I’m doing a course that uses brackets as a text editor but the teacher doesn’t show us how to do anything using it. This has been an invaluable help.
    Thanks again.

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