Quick Coding with Brackets – Opening Projects and Files

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In this video I cover the different ways you can open projects and files. I also show how to make certain file extensions open up in Brackets on both Windows and Mac machines.

0:20 – File menu
0:55 – Project Switcher
1:15 – Dragging folders into Brackets
1:30 – Project open shortcut
1:55 – Cleaning up the project list
2:40 – Setting up Windows to open files automatically in Brackets
3:25 – Setting up a Mac to open files automatically in Brackets

Next Week: File Management

2 thoughts on “Quick Coding with Brackets – Opening Projects and Files

  1. Can you make a video explaining how the files must be created? I’ve been having many troubles because I’ve seen another tutorials mentioning “parent folder” or “children folder” and I don’t really understand it.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I talked a little bit about this topic in the next video. Have you watched that video yet?

      To make a new file, you can do a few things. Go to the menu “File” and choose “New File”. You can use the shortcut “Ctrl/Cmd+N”. When you save a new file you will be asked where you want to save and to give it a name.

      You can also add new files through the sidebar. You can right-click on a folder name or near a file at the top of the project file and choose “New file” through the menu that pops up. That will allow you to name the new file immediately and it will get saved wherever you had clicked.

      Please make sure you watch the next video called “File Management” and if you still have more questions, post them there, and I’ll try to help you.

      thanks, Lisa

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