Quick Coding with Brackets – Customize the Workspace

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Please note: The theme switcher has been improved since I recorded this video. When you go into the Extension manager instead of searching for Themes under “Available”, go to “Themes” to search for different themes.

In this video I cover how you can change the workspace to your own preferences.

0:30 – Changing font size
1:00 – Word Wrap and Line Numbers
1:15 – Highlight Active Line
1:25 – Sidebar
1:50 – Working files
2:12 – Space or Tab preference
2:20 – Error warnings (JS Linting)
2:45 – File type
3:10 – Insert/Overwrite mode
3:25 – Cursor/File info
3:45 – Linting Option
4:05 – Quick View on Hover
4:30 – Themes

Up Tomorrow: Opening Projects and Files

One thought on “Quick Coding with Brackets – Customize the Workspace

  1. Many thanks for the great tutorials! I tried one of the first versions of brackets and wasn’t that impressed. Today though I saw your “Brackets is Amazing” video on YouTube. I then started searching around for in depth tutorials and there wasn’t much until I found this great tutorial series.

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