Quick Coding with Brackets – User Preferences

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Brackets Preferences Wiki

Project Code – was not changed in this Lesson

User Preferences – Tutorial Highlights

In this lesson I show you how to edit the Preferences File. We see how to set up personal Linting options and how to set up project specific preferences.

0:25 – Open Preferences File
1:10 – Setting JS Lint preferences
3:05 – Project specific preferences

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2 thoughts on “Quick Coding with Brackets – User Preferences

  1. How do you get Brackets to type two double quotes instead of one. So “” with one ketstroke. Tag matching like in notepad ++

    1. Jesse,

      You need to make sure to turn on “Auto Close Braces”. It is under the Edit menu, and it is turned off by default when you install Brackets. It doesn’t only “auto close” the braces, but also quotes.

      ~ lisa

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