Quick Coding with Brackets – Multiple Cursors

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Gist with HTML for Multiple Cursors and Navigation

Updated icons_gray.png
Updated icons_white.png
(Right-click and save to img folder. If you click on the icons_white.png image you won’t see anything since it is pure white against a pure white background!)

Project Code – starting point for this Lesson
Project Code – ending point for this Lesson

Multiple Cursors – Tutorial Highlights

There are many ways to access Multiple Cursors in Brackets. The first part of the lesson is spent teaching the different ways to get multiple cursors. The second part of the lesson is demonstrating most of these ways in my project.

If you are short on time, you can just watch from 1:40 to 4:50 to see the overview.

1:40 – Alt+Drag mouse
2:00 – Select a column of text
2:15 – Alt+Shift+Arrow to add cursors
2:40 – Cmd/Ctrl and click to add a cursor
3:00 – Cmd/Ctrl+B – Add next match to selection
3:50 – Alt+F3 (Cmd+Ctrl+G) – Select all of current selection
4:18 – Split selection into lines
4:50 – Demonstration of different methods
6:35 – ESC to get out of multiple cursor mode

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