Quick Coding with Brackets – Quick Edit Shortcuts

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Project Code – starting point for this Lesson
Project Code – ending point for this Lesson

Quick Edit Shortcuts – Tutorial Highlights

In this lesson we look at Quick Edit shortcuts. We also see how to target classes and id’s and how to deal with multiple Quick Edit windows. Quick Edit works with Sass and Less files now, and there is a quick demo of that as well.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – targeting a class or id with Quick Edit
2:00 – multiple Quick Edit windows
3:20 – add a new rule shortcut
4:05 – switching rules with the keyboard
6:00 – Quick Edit Sass and Less

Up Next: Color Picker and Transition Editor

2 thoughts on “Quick Coding with Brackets – Quick Edit Shortcuts

    1. Anika,

      There is no keyboard shortcut in plain Brackets for doing that. However if you install the Emmet extension, you can use Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+A. That will prompt you for a tag and when you hit enter it will have wrapped your selected code in the tag and any attribute you specified.

      I’ll be making a video in January about using Emmet inside of Brackets.

      ~ Lisa

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