Quick Coding with Brackets – Editing Shortcuts

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In this lesson I talk about some helpful shortcuts to use when editing code.

0:00 – setting up my workspace
0:50 – Ctrl/Cmd+X to delete a line
2:05 – Ctrl/Cmd+D to duplicate a line or selection
2:50 – Duplicate blocks of code
4:15 – Ctrl/Cmd+/ (+Shift) To add comments
5:40 – Ctrl/Cmd+Enter (+Shift) To add a new line after/before current line

Coming Up: Moving the Cursor

One thought on “Quick Coding with Brackets – Editing Shortcuts

  1. Hi Lisa:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us, neophyte Bracket users.

    I will be watching your videos over and over again till I can master the shortcuts and hidden features of Brackets. I will bless you each time as I will the creators of it who shared the code with the world and who created such a wonderful extensible product.

    Many thanks!


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