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Quick Coding with Brackets – Custom Key Maps

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User Key Bindings Wiki

Custom Key Maps – Tutorial Highlights

In this lesson we look at how to create your own custom key maps in Brackets.

0:30 – commands that can’t be overwritten
0:40 – format of overrides and where
1:45 – how to figure out Command name
3:20 – Finding command names not on the menu
3:50 – Display Shortcuts extension
5:20 – Copy to current document

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Quick Coding with Brackets – User Preferences

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Brackets Preferences Wiki

Project Code – was not changed in this Lesson

User Preferences – Tutorial Highlights

In this lesson I show you how to edit the Preferences File. We see how to set up personal Linting options and how to set up project specific preferences.

0:25 – Open Preferences File
1:10 – Setting JS Lint preferences
3:05 – Project specific preferences

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