CSS Snippets was started as a final portfolio project  while I was studying Graphic Design. We had to create some sort of physical takeaway to share with people who were viewing our portfolios, and I created a little book of CSS Snippets that my fellow graphic designers could use when creating websites.  Because I was already a web developer I decided the logical thing to do was to create an actual website that would allow people to cut and paste the snippets into their own websites.

I have been a software developer for many years, but didn’t start developing websites until late 2008. I thought web development would be easy for me, someone who generally picks new things up quite quickly. I had no idea what I was getting into. There are many skills to be learned if you want to create a modern website and the tools and techniques seem to change on a daily basis. It is not easy to keep up.

Since I also teach, and have done so for over a decade, I love creating courses and tutorials on how things work. I’m happy when I can help people avoid some of the confusion I’ve had in learning the skills and tools needed to create websites. So, I’m starting to incorporate some video tutorials and will update some of the older original posts with better techniques and video tutorials as time permits.