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Quick Coding with Brackets – Customize the Workspace

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Please note: The theme switcher has been improved since I recorded this video. When you go into the Extension manager instead of searching for Themes under “Available”, go to “Themes” to search for different themes.

In this video I cover how you can change the workspace to your own preferences.

0:30 – Changing font size
1:00 – Word Wrap and Line Numbers
1:15 – Highlight Active Line
1:25 – Sidebar
1:50 – Working files
2:12 – Space or Tab preference
2:20 – Error warnings (JS Linting)
2:45 – File type
3:10 – Insert/Overwrite mode
3:25 – Cursor/File info
3:45 – Linting Option
4:05 – Quick View on Hover
4:30 – Themes

Up Tomorrow: Opening Projects and Files

Quick Coding with Brackets – Installing Brackets

(Full course listing here)

If you don’t have Brackets installed yet, you can watch this video to see how (it’s very simple!) You can also see what is in store for you when you open up the program.

Go to to download Brackets if you haven’t already.

0:00 – Installing Brackets (Windows, Mac and a mention of Linux)
0:50 – Opening Brackets the first time and Live Preview
1:30 – A Quick look at the Brackets workspace

Up Tomorrow: Customizing the Workspace